Friday, 23 June 2017


Happy summer!!!

I wanna get wet, get set, now go
The flow will take me
Make me move on down the groove
Then send me down the bend
Big spray, then the straightaway
I can go eyes wide, eyes shut...either one's cool
As I make my way down to the pool
I'm glad they built these walls so high
I almost feel like I could fly
I love to glide
It's a water slide

Well it's a long way up I these stairs end?
Or do they reach all the way to heaven?
You gotta be 3 foot 7 or better to use this grand contraption
It's a ball, like a long fall
But it won't hurt when you get to the end
It's the ultimate way to spend some time
Grab a suit, come along with me
I love to glide
It's a water slide

Well, it winds like a giant snake through the middle of the air
But you don't have to be scared
This wild monstrosity brings lots of joy
It's better than the best toy
Can't you hear the giggles and squeals?

Final Countdown


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Just one

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Monday, 8 May 2017

The island (L3U8)

There is... (L3U8)

On my island (L3U8)

There is a palm tree 
on my island.

There is a beach on my island. There is a lake on my island. There is a river on my island. There is a forest on my island. There isn't a waterfall on my island. Is there a mountain? Yes, there is. Is there a cave? No, there isn't.

Holiday fun (L5U8)

I want to (L5U8)

Party! (L6U8)

I'm going to (L6U8)

Going to (L6U8)

The future is coming (L6U8)

What are you going to do tomorrow?
What are you going to read on Monday?
What are you going to eat for lunch?
What are you going to buy at the market?
What are you going to drink tonight?
What are you going to bring to school next Friday?

Are you going to study for the exam?

Are you going to pass the exam?
Are you going to have a nice summer?
Are you going to go to the Moon?
Are you going to be happy?


Future (L6U8)


Friday, 7 April 2017


"Turtle Soup" and "The Tarts" are two original poems by the famous Lewis Carroll, author of "Alice in Wonderland":

Turtle Soup (by Lewis Carroll)
Beautiful Soup, so rich and green,
Waiting in a hot tureen!
Who for such dainties would not stop?
Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!
Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!
Beau–ootiful Soo–oop!
Beau–ootiful Soo–oop
Soo–oop of the e–e–evening,
Beautiful, beautiful Soup!
Beautiful Soup! Who cares for fish,
Game or any other dish?
Who would not give all else for two
Pennyworth only of Beautiful Soup?
Pennyworth only of beautiful Soup?
Beau–ootiful Soo–oop!
Beau–ootiful Soo–oop!
Soo–oop of the e–e–evening,
Beautiful, beauti–FUL SOUP!

The Tarts (by Lewis Carroll)
The Queen of Hearts,
She made some tarts,
All on a summer’s day;
The Knave of Hearts,
He stole the tarts,
And took them clean away.
The King of Hearts
Called for the tarts,
And beat the Knave full sore;
The Knave of Hearts
Brought back the tarts,
And vowed he’d steal no more.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. It tells of a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children. It is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre.Its narrative course and structure, characters and imagery have been enormously influential in both popular culture and literature, especially in the fantasy genre.
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (27 January 1832 – 14 January 1898), better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, was an English writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon, and photographer. His most famous writings are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, which includes the poem "Jabberwocky", and the poem The Hunting of the Snark, all examples of the genre of literary nonsense. He is noted for his facility at word play, logic and fantasy. There are societies in many parts of the world dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of his works and the investigation of his life.

Tic-Tac... Alice

In the room (L4U7)

There's / There isn't (L4U7)

Furniture in the space (L4U7)

A Basque Castle (L4U7)

Butrón Castle (Biscay)

A castle (from Latin: castellum) is a type of fortified structure built in Europe and the Middle East during the Middle Ages by nobility. Castles usually were the private fortified residence of a lord or noble.

Butrón is a castle located in Gatika, in the province of Biscay, in the Basque Country.

It dates originally from the Middle Ages, although it owes its present appearance to an almost complete rebuilding begun by Francisco de Cubas (also known as Marqués de Cubas) in 1878.

The castle has a fairy-tale look about it inspired by Bavarian castle models. The present building was created as a hobby for its then owner and to create something which is visually spectacular rather than to produce something in which people could actually live. In fact it would be quite inconvenient as a home as the towers have little useful space and various parts of the castle have exterior connections which are not particularly apt for the wet Basque weather. The building is surrounded by a park which includes palms and exotic plants. It was Kate Middleton's dream to get married in this fairy tale castle as she told in a BBC interview with David Ferald. This castle is the world's largest existing medieval castle in the world.

It fell into disuse and was later renovated and opened to the public. This proved to be unsuccessful and the building was closed to visitors although the grounds remained open.

In November 2005 the building was purchased by INBISA (Grupo Empresarial) for 1,629,743 euros but it remains under the general protection of Spanish law 16/1985 in respect of historic buildings in Spain. (From Wikipedia)

Castles (L4U7)

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Daily life (L3U7)

Simple present (L3U7)

My day (L3U7)

I get up at a quarter past seven.
I have breakfast at half past seven.
I have a shower at a quarter to eight.
I brush my teeth at eight o'clock.
I get dressed at a quarter past eight.
I go to work at half past eight.
I have lunch at a quarter to two.
I go home at a quarter to five.
I go to bed at twelve o'clock.


Everyday life (L5U7)

Regular Past (L5U7)

Did you...? (L5U7)

Christian The Lion (L5U7)

Christian The Lion was a lion originally purchased by Australians John Rendall and Anthony "Ace" Bourke from Harrods department store of London, England, in 1969 and ultimately reintroduced to the African wild by conservationist George Adamson. One year after Adamson released Christian to the wild, his former owners decided to go looking for him to see whether Christian would remember them. He did, and with him were two lionesses who accepted the men as well.

Safari (L6U7)

Irregular Past (L6U7)

Jane Goodall (L6U7)

Dame Jane Morris Goodall is a British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace. Considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall is best known for her 55-year study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania. She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots program, and she has worked extensively on conservation and animal welfare issues. She has served on the board of the Nonhuman Rights Project since its founding in 1996.