Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Daily life (L3U7)

Simple present (L3U7)

My day (L3U7)

I get up at a quarter past seven.
I have breakfast at half past seven.
I have a shower at a quarter to eight.
I brush my teeth at eight o'clock.
I get dressed at a quarter past eight.
I go to work at half past eight.
I have lunch at a quarter to two.
I go home at a quarter to five.
I go to bed at twelve o'clock.


New Technologies (L4U8)

What are you doing? (L4U8)

I'm ...-ing (L4U8)

Computer parts (L4U8)

We use computers nearly everyday but can you name its parts? Here you are some of them.

Holiday fun (L5U8)

I want to (L5U8)

Party! (L6U8)